• on SEO and the ubiquity of my name

    From the first page of Google hits alone, you find that Benjamin Miller is a professor of math and logic, a comedian and actor with a background in solid-state physics, a dermatologist and organic chemist, a fairly hackneyed and omphaloskeptic Wordpress blogger, a Columbia-affiliated scholar of culture and sanitation in New York City, a Twitter-ing programmer of browser plugins, and an education policy consultant with an Ivy-League undergrad degree and an interest in reforming high-stakes assessment.

    None of these are the same person, and none of them are me.

  • on the MLA, citations, and digital literacy as modern language

    Further evidence for Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein’s titular premise in They Say / I Say: regardless of inspiration (which has not been lacking since my last post), it sometimes takes the provocation of another person’s writing to actually prompt me to dust off my keyboard and wade into the fray. In this case, it’s …

  • I’ve moved

    For all you non-existent followers out there, you can now non-follow me at majoringinmeta.commons.gc.cuny.edu. Maybe not as mellifluous off the tongue, but way snazzier and more plugged in. And it’ll be even better once I get around to restoring the banner art I’d chosen… Tagged: self-justification, transcendence

  • buddypress, common sense, and me: on privacy

    As I was spiffing up the blog, I noticed that my new posts were not beaming out to the CUNY Academic Commons activity feed as expected. Confused, I asked for help over the wire, and now that it’s come (via resident hackerguru Boone B. Gorges), I figured I’d share it here. Turns out that the …

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