• ITF teaching statement

    In my current position, as an Instructional Technology Fellow (ITF) with the Macaulay Honors College, I partner with both students and professors to shape assignments and classrooms into conducive learning environments. The Interactive Technology and Pedagogy certificate program taught me that the adjective in the program title applies to both nouns: the interactivity of pedagogy …

  • let’s do launch

    I am pleased to announce the official launch of the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, a free and open-access online academic journal that has the benefit of combining several of my academic interests, including interactive pedagogy, digitally enhanced learning, and long strings of modifying phrases. The easy-to-remember url? cuny.is/jitp.

  • on failure

    Rather than saying merely that failure is “okay,” I think comp/rhet teaches two related but different things about failure: that it is inevitable, and that it is interesting.

  • Transparency as Obscurantism (on gift-giving, performance, and pedagogy)

    Last week marked the annual cusp between my birthday and my wife’s, a week which often includes Father’s Day – as it did this year – and so I’ve been thinking a fair bit about gifts, both given and received. In particular, I’ve been thinking about gift certificates, as they were out in a particularly …

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