What do we make of Lessig’s use of the verbal “queering”? cf. Free Culture 167, in a critique of the war on drugs: “When you add together the burdens on the criminaljustice system, the desperation of generations of kids whose only real economic opportunities are as drug warriors, the queering of constitutional protections because of … Continue reading

still reading, but

it strikes me that Lessig’s Free Culture reads very much like an oral presentation: many call-backs to previous ideas, often worded in very similar ways, and especially many repeats of his central claims or meta-claims. cf. page 139: “my point is not that the derivative right is unjustified. My aim just now is much narrower: … Continue reading

crystal’s chrysalis

Apologies for the late, brief post. Schedule willing tomorrow, I’ll update and expand this. I just want to say how – is frustrating the word? perhaps alienating? – it’s been, reading Crystal’s analysis of “Netspeak.” He just doesn’t seem to be describing, for the most part, the way I interact with most of my friends … Continue reading