on failure

Rather than saying merely that failure is “okay,” I think comp/rhet teaches two related but different things about failure: that it is inevitable, and that it is interesting.

teaching: the secondary primary

The following paragraph, from right around the middle of today’s First Person column over at the Chronicle of Higher Ed, strikes me as almost Palin-like in its illogic. (Though it is, admittedly, thankfully, handled far better syntactically than the erstwhile governor can generally manage.) Typically, research earns promotion and tenure. Teaching is secondary, and often …

on mean means, and what a mean might mean

Since reading this unsurprising-but-still-upsetting article at chronicle.com, I’ve been thinking about the whole business of C as an “average” grade. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Even granted that the average – construed as the arithmetic mean – isn’t *technically* the middle grade of a set (that’s the median), it’s still …